Next.js - a new series


Over the past couple of years I have been using Next.js exclusively to build sites and applications like How to code and Real world testing with Cypress. Both of which are open source so you can see exactly how they are built and organized.

I am planning on creating a series of articles and tutorials that will take a deep dive into Next.js. Not only am I going to be teaching you everything you need to know about how Next.js works and all of its features, I also plan on teaching you how to build different types of applications with it. This is going to be a very large and ambitious project as there is a ton of material to cover.

In this series we will also take a look at various open source Next.js projects and learn different techniques, tools, and methods for building different types of applications with varying functionality. Also, with my experience from working at Cypress I also plan on teaching you how to properly test your Next.js applications with Cypress.

Eventually, I will turn all of these articles into videos and publish them as a free course both on YouTube and Udemy. I also intend on taking all of the articles and creating an ebook too. Everything in this series will be 100% free and open source just like everything else on this site.

I hope you are as excited as I am.