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Status update

We thank you

We want to thank everyone who registered their interest, interacted with us, asked questions and gave us early feedback. Initially, we wanted to see if there would be a need for our vision consisting of delivering an online free course on web development. We therefore set a "magic" number as what would constitute what we would consider as "yes, it seems people are interested, let's do this". We reached that number and it kept growing. Hundreds of times larger.

You all seemed to appreciate the course format as the sample lesson feedback has shown us as well as the proposed course content aimed at bringing you from Novice to Employable. We need even more feedback to make sure we can deliver what we promised: the best and most comprehensive online course on web development. That is why we announced last month that we would conduct a private beta testing phase for a couple of hundred applicants. Again, the interest has been massive and we received many thousands applications from all over the world.

We are currently testing

Right now, the beta testing phase has started and we keep adding testers. As you'd imagine, getting and analyzing the feedback, making changes where relevant and testing them again takes time. Keep in mind we are a self-funded team of two with full-time jobs. We will release when we are completely confident that we are delivering our vision without compromise.

Get in touch

If you need to contact us, send us an email. We receive truckloads of emails daily and although we can't possibly answer them all, we do read them all. Some of you try to contact us on Twitter but we are not monitoring the account at all times: less than 5% of our registered users are following us on Twitter. Big announcements (like a release date!) will always be communicated through our newsletter first.

- The Team
Nico & Guillaume

Completely free

Knowledge should be free and accessible to anyone. The core course, that along with your own effort and determination will take you from novice to employable, will always be free of charge. This is our promise to you. We are entirely self-financed and are not excluding paying features in the future, a crowdfunding campaign or a donation button but let's say it one more time: the core course will always be free!

All in one place

There is no need to learn different skills from different books and online training sites. Even for seasoned professionals this is unnecessarily time consuming and not optimal. As a programmer you will learn to love optimization. We will start from scratch and go through all the technologies you will need to master web development. From basic HTML and CSS to advanced topics such as Ruby on Rails programming.

Be employable

Unlike many online courses, the ultimate goal of is to make you employable. We have years of experience in hiring tech people and know what recruiters look for. After teaching you the tech skills you will need, we will also coach you in how to get your first job as a web developer.

No gimmicks

Teaching gimmicks are nothing but that. You only end up learning how to use the gimmick. They actually get in the way of your learning. You will see no 'code directly in the browser' or 'learn <insert thing here> in 24 hours' on Real programmers use real tools. We will teach you where to find them, how to install them, and how to use them. Guess what? Most of them are free and open-source software too. The most important person is you. It will require your time and your dedication. We will teach, motivate and inspire you.

Cool technologies

After learning a great foundation of web programming and design, you will learn to develop using the Ruby language and the Rails 4 framework. Both of which are fun and powerful technologies that are used by real programmers at real companies. (Twitter, Groupon and Shopify, to name a few). There are other options for developing web applications (Java, .NET, PHP...) but the market is currently thriving for good Rails developers. This is why we are focusing our core course modules on this.

Been there

The core team are all self-taught and have many years of professional experience. We have coached and trained other developers. We have designed a very clear course structure and development path. We want to make sure you are learning the right thing at the right time. We are putting a lot of time and effort into making sure that the lessons are both visually and mentally engaging. No boring guy talking to a whiteboard or muffled voice bashing away at a keyboard whilst you try to keep up. We can't learn like that, so we don't expect anyone else will either.