Cypress Real World App



The Real World App (RWA) is an application created by the Cypress team that demonstrates real-world usage of Cypress testing methods, patterns, and workflows. Essentially, this application is a Venmo clone.

The RWA allows users to sign up for an account, add a bank account and send/receive money between friends.


You can find the repo here.

You can clone the repo via the command line with:

git clone

It might be best to first fork a copy of the repo and then clone the forked version.

Note: The Cypress Real World App uses Yarn to manage its dependencies. Please install Yarn on your computer as installing with npm may lead to issues running the application.

Once cloned, change into the cypress-realworld-app directory and install all of the npm dependencies using Yarn.

cd cypress-realworld-app
yarn install

You can then run the application with

yarn dev

Once the application is up and running, a browser window should open a new tab to http://localhost:3000, where you should see the Sign In page.

Refer to the file in the repo for additional information and instructions.

How to Log In

We provide a set of default users in the database, or you can create your own account. We recommend you first log in with one of the default users to see some of the sample data seeded in the app.

You can list out all of the default users with this command.

yarn list:dev:users

Every user's password is s3cret.

For example, you can use the following username and password to log in.

Username: Katharina_Bernier
Password: s3cret

Once logged in, you will see the main dashboard.

Exploring the Tests

Once you have taken some time to play around with the application, you can start exploring the tests which are located in cypress/tests/.

Real World Testing with Cypress