Real World Testing with Cypress



Real World Testing with Cypress (RWT) is a four-course curriculum that teaches everything you need to know about testing modern web applications with Cypress.

What You Will Learn

The curriculum contains four courses and over 25 lessons.

1. Testing Your First Application

How to test a simple TodoMVC app with Cypress.

First, we teach you how to test a simple TodoMVC application with Cypress. We thought it would be best for you to “get your hands dirty” right away.

2. Testing Foundations

The foundations you need to write great tests.

Next, we teach you the foundational knowledge you need to write great tests. We cover topics like “testing mindset,” knowing what to test, the difference between manual and automated testing, the differences between unit, integration and end-to-end tests, etc.

3. Cypress Fundamentals

Absolute fundamentals of Cypress you must know to be successful

Then we cover Cypress fundamentals, which go over all of the important Cypress-specific knowledge you need to write the best tests possible with Cypress. Even if you have been using Cypress for years, I promise there will be some gold nuggets in there.

4. Advanced Cypress Concepts

Advanced Cypress concepts to take your tests to the next level.

Finally, we cover advanced Cypress concepts. In this course, we teach you how to initialize and seed your database for testing, how to run tests in CI, how to test network requests, how to build custom Cypress commands, etc.

Real World Examples

In addition, we have also prepared over 30+ examples of real-world tests against the Real World App. This application has been around for a couple of years now, but since it contains some rather advanced concepts and examples, much of it was beyond reach for people just getting started. To solve this problem we have written in-depth articles for every example which explains line by line what each test is doing.

These examples put into practice all of the principals and concepts explained within the curriculum.


Finally, we aim to demonstrate how to test more real-world applications against various technologies and providers.

How to Build and Test a Next.js and Shopify Store

In this six-part tutorial, we teach you:

  1. How to create a Shopify partners store
  2. How to create a custom front-end for your store with Next.js,
  3. How to test the app with Cypress
  4. How to run your tests in CI with GitHub Actions
  5. How to run your tests in parallel with the Cypress Dashboard
  6. How to deploy your app to production on Vercel


The curriculum is open source and can be found on GitHub.

How to use environment variables in Cypress