The Self-Taught Developer

How to become a front end developer


Text Editor

A text editor is a tool that developers use to write code. It is the most critical tool in your arsenal. So, before we can begin learning how to write code, we need to learn the basics of this tool. As you progress into the next sections, you are going to be using your text editor a lot and will gain the most knowledge and experience as you are learning how to code.

In this section, I want you first to download Visual Studio Code and get familiar with the basics.


In this section, you are going to learn HTML. HTML is the backbone of the web. It is the studs inside of a house or the bones in our bodies. It is the foundation upon which all web pages are built. So, having a solid grasp of it is crucial.

Learn to Code HTML & CSS by Shay Howe

Start with the left column first and then move on to the right column advanced section. In the left sidebar there is also a Course 201 'Learn to Code Advanced HTML & CSS' you should take this course as well.


You have already learned a lot about CSS in Shay Howe's course, but I am going to suggest some additional courses/resources for learning flexbox & CSS grid.


JavaScript is the single most important language you need to know as a Front-End developer.

Helpful Resources:

Web Design

These resources are in no particular order, but I think are helpful. You don't need to master design, as that is a designer's job. You should however be familiar with the basics. This section is not mandatory, but you might want to check out the resources I have below and 'dip your toes in the water.'

How I became a web developer in 5 months